About Us


We are Female Majority Family and that too with various age groups. As wehave Women from various ages, we have a very peculiar and interestingcombination of choices and issues cropping up around them. I am a mothermyself and have been through this journey of Motherhood and have realizedthat how I have transformed over the years and how my choices haveevolved.

Since I was the early one from our group of friends to deliver, most ofmy friends later leaned on me and always reached out for help / guidanceon their motherhood issues. A lot of my fellow colleague / office friendsfaced Maternity issues especially around Breastfeeding and my guidance tothem based on our traditional recipe and superfoods worked. Infact at thatpoint I realized that how many mothers would be facing similar issue andhow I could reach out to many such moms and help them in their journey.

A further thought crossed my mind that it is only a Women whoundergoes so many complex stages in her life which changes her Physically,Mentally and Emotionally. The emotions from our First Period Cramps, tofirst encounter with our Partners to Our Labor Pains to our irritability whenwe start losing our Menses is something that only a fellow women canempathize.

All these complex webs around women prompted me that how are wetackling these issues and how are we taking care of our nourishment. Onfurther observations around the year 2019, I could not find a singlecompany which made nourishment products especially for Women. Whenwe are genetically different how can a generic product work for us.

With this thought “NutriZoe” was born. India’s First WomenNourishment Company. The idea and the concept behind our company isvery simple. We would want to ride along women in their journey offeringholistic and nutritious solutions. The products offered will be all natural andwill be in a Neo Traditional Format. We will try and preserve the traditionalways and yet offer a new take on the products. Our first product “Lactobites– Lactation Aiding Bars” is a testimony of our efforts. We have retained thetaste while offering a nourishing product to new mothers who face lack ofmilk and are unable to feed their infants thus depriving them of mostnutritious diet. Infact breastfeeding is a Global Issue identified by WHO intheir charter and India too through NNM – National Nutrition Missionidentifies breastfeeding as one of the key areas for development for newmothers and infants.